About Us


The AviewTV Project, is a Social Media Network. This community site is primarily a 3D based Machinima site, made up of Producers & Directors of Virtual world games.


  The idea behind AviewTV is to promote & assist new and experienced Artist, in getting their work out to the public, in a fashion contrary to the existing services offered in Second Life. We wish to cut through red tape that so often holds back new artist from being recognized. We are not an agent or contract service. In fact we haven't yet charged for anything we do up to servicing In-World account to cross promotions on membership site. Short Story (to be told later) Two guys shooting the breeze about how hard it is it get new artist through red tape and get musicians together with Machinimators. After a bit of discussion we decided to start our own network of Machinima & Virtual World interaction, and came up with AviewTV. He (Rysan Fall) made the first Logos and put the first content on AviewTV, and is to this day one of the most well acclaimed Music Machinima Makers in the business. Those 2 guys were Rysan Fall, and Myself. :)



Ray0 Raymaker - CEO-Cutting Edge Concerts / AviewTV Associate Director / Rayman TV Productions

Lex Congrejo - AviewTV Associate Producer / L.C. Productions / Slinside Contributor

 Dr. Sonicity Fitzroy - PhD Editor -  AviewTV.com / Writer / Educator

Sophia Yates - AviewTV Associate Producer / CEO - Profile Magazine Today

Rysan Fall - Associate Producer / AviewTV Co-Founder / CEO - Fall Films

Pascalini Marco - Irinel, PFA - Lead DEV / CEO - LiveMarco / CEO - VidGui

LaPiscean Liberty - Founder/CEO - AviewTV / CEO Moon Park Land Sales / Technical Director - Cutting Edge Concerts

 We will do this better later, but for now all interest is in the building. More later. :)