AviewTV is the number one place to see the very best in Machinima from Second Life: music videos, short films, great commercials and more. Connect with us and you'll be directly joined with the most important centralized resource for media production and distribution. AviewTV brings SL music and video into the professional realm, bridging inworld and offworld with live streaming concerts, machinima film premiers and incredible networking opportunities for anyone working in the media industry.


We are always open to networking and new relationships. At present we can recommend:

    1. AviewTV website: have yourself marketed on our site and be directly connected to the single best media hub for SL videos and music. This is not a cookie-cutter advertising service: we will work with your needs to customize an effective relationship so your online presence has best impact. Become featured on the AviewTV site!


   2. Inworld Film Premiers: Aview is the central resource for machinima presentation within Second Life and we can develop cross-promotional opportunities with you, connecting you with highly marketable film premier a events. Have your business involved with the exciting (and glamorous!) world of machinima to gain incredible marketing value. Become associated with our in world film premiers!


   3. Video Commercials: You have a business or marketable interest? AviewTV is the hub for media. Let's work together to get your vision where it belongs: on the big screen. With our Featured Video Commercial program, AviewTV can help market your own commercial machinima on our site and in world . We can help you with resources, marketing and exposure. We can consult with you on viral techniques and inworld event projects, to help increase your presence. Find out about our Featured Video Commercial program today and speak with an Aview consultant.