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The oldest airborne city - The Dark futuristic Metropolis - Year 2478 - Music; lug00ber

The oldest airborne city - The Dark futuristic Metropolis - Year<br />
2478 - Music; lug00ber
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    This work will be presented at the Shanghai World Expo 2010, submitted through "open this end" Second life group Info about the Shanghai World Expo 2010 First of all I'd l...
    This work will be presented at the Shanghai World Expo 2010, submitted through "open this end" Second life group Info about the Shanghai World Expo 2010 First of all I'd like to thanks a lot lug00ber for the music license (under creative commons) please the author a feedback . This is one of the most difficult machinima that I ever done, wow about 3 hours of capture. But a great pleasure to show you the intro from my new work. For now I will do more RP videos.This video is it inspired on the roleplay Insilico at Second life ™"It is the year 2478. INSILICO is a dark futuristic metropolis, slowly floating several thousand meters high above the clouds. It is one of many cities, serving as the last airborne asylums for the small extant human population that has been forced there due to large swaths of the earth having been flooded, irradiated, polluted or otherwise become uninhabitable. INSILICO lies at the edge of the atmosphere to escape the corroding effects of the pollution and radiation on the city's hull over time.The cities are connected by dense air-traffic and there is a booming economy for all types of goods. The cities are controlled by many different rival mega-concerns in the science and weapon industry, yet most parts of the population don't care about the large scale politics and established connections on many levels between the cities. There exists a thriving black market for weapons, drugs, software, food, cybernetics and other technology which remains nearly uncontrollable by the big businesses.Built over 150 years ago, INSILICO is the oldest airborne city. The arcology used to be a strategic dock, having been planned and constructed mostly by Gemini Cybernetics. Gemini is one of the most powerful and advanced Mega-Corps in the global industry operating out of a massive data fortress in the outer earth orbit. They have secured monopolies in the categories of space flight, weaponry, aural spectrography, visual holography, processing and management of constructs and AIs, massive-scale networking, automated security systems on all scales, as well as in some areas of military armament and technology. Gemini is still financing projects in the cities and supplies it with structural elements and other resources. Gemini even sponsors social activities, but it all carries the bad aftertaste of a weapon concern and appear somewhat shady." Read the rest of Isilico RP at -
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