• The Dove

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  • Laying in the silence of our bedroom
    I feel the emptiness of where I gave my maiden bloom

    where I reach and find the trace of where you were                                                                                                  My Master my Husband my Sir

    The wetness of the sheets are the proof where we shared our love                                                                     the purity of the heart of your submissive Dove
    My Husband my Heart sent to me                                                                                                       is the man I was destined to serve the US became We                                                                        There are forces that try to break what we together
                                                                                 so beautiful to see and strong to withstand any weather
    When you suckle my breast and feed from my nipple                                                                         sends shivers through my body and I shake with a ripple

    come feast with me my Dom Husband and let us employ                                                                       and feel the strength our bodies enjoy

    Beloved and cared for and trusted with my heart                                                                                 my Master my Sir who owned me and won me from the start

    I believe my Husband fear not that I doubt                                                                                       Weeds will not grow in my garden they live in a drought

    for if I did my flowers would die                                                                                                      they choke and wither never seeing the sky
    I live in the present in your heart where you have placed                                                              
    knowing I'll never be out unless the door was displaced                                                                           I know what I am and I know what I'm not                                                                                        and where I belong and where is my spot
    You filled my heart with joy untold and love beyond all measure                                                        something I'll always treasure

    I ponder all this within our bed                                                                                                         the dove is upon me speaking in my head
    reminding me that life is a fabric made up of thread                                                                            that one pull of a stitch can unravel and shred                                                                                   and be tattered and ruined and literally dead                                                                                         I take nothing for granted and see all in the dark                                                                                     the dove is my guide she leads to the mark                                                                                        She must be right she lead me to you                                                                                                  I wished you were out there but somehow she knew
    In the time we have been I have grown so much                                                                                   in the way I feel in the way you touch
    My Husband my hearts delight                                                                                                            I can enter the words and the meanings I write                                                                                   but the truth is none can paint the canvas to show                                                                              the me the woman the sub the Dove you need to know                                                                       but time and discovery has made us a plan                                                                                           I know its true the Dove says we can
    So I lie in our bed searching the ceiling
    wondering the path what is its meaning
    but why bother to make sense of it all
    Ill just lie here and wait and feel me so small
    in this world that's full of my dreams
    on our bed that holds my passionate screams
    of the love and devotion that my soul
    for the man who makes me almost whole
    The bonds of my body and that of my mind
    there for your taking there for your find
    they live in the breast of the purity Dove
    shes been the caretaker of your submissive's love be careful the Dove is tired and fragile
    she weary of her burden quite not so agile
    she waited to put her task in your hand
    now she may rest her flight and finally stand
    she will wait at the earths edge that' s where she will be Until the time comes you set the Dove free

    With love your Dove





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  • Reply by: admin
    Date: 12-13-09

    After reading your post, I really think this is the stuff Machinima TV will be made of. :)