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Frank Loyd Wright - Usonian Ideas Build-Off- raw film footage

Frank Loyd Wright - Usonian Ideas Build-Off- raw film footage
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    Frank Loyd Wright - Usonian Ideas Build-Off There were 23 competitors, five sponsors, their landlord, a cadre of volunteers, 23 builders, two teachers, and about 1000 visitors. Their sponsors were Textures R Us who p...
    Frank Loyd Wright - Usonian Ideas Build-Off

    There were 23 competitors, five sponsors, their landlord, a cadre of volunteers, 23 builders, two teachers, and about 1000 visitors.

    Their sponsors were Textures R Us who paid the sim costs and provided gifts, along with Builder's Brewery which has always been a big museum supporter both in money and sending people their way, Skidz Partz, Dvandva, Deerglade Hall Estates, and CK Design.

    They recognized a few people who delighted them this time, which is not to say that everyone wasn't working above and beyond the call of duty for the last few weeks.

    From their note card the following was stated:

    "First of all, thank you to Bacchus Ireto and Miltone Marquette, whose exhibit and class did so much to explain the theme for the contestants. Look around--the fact that you see Usonians and not other styles is largely their work.

    Second, Carly Frequency really stepped on board running (running boards?) As our marketing person we had her way out of her comfort zone, and she rolled with the punches every single time. It's largely due to Carly's influence that this event is PAID FOR! [She may not be here tonight.]

    Jaffee is always there helping me with every scheme I come up with. He made the exhibit book, our first, and filled in wherever I asked. Curt--quiet, efficient, dropped out the sim design in no time flat.

    Finally, the unsung hero of this weekend is Terra Tepper. All weekend, everything I needed, I got promptly, efficiently, and without complaint. Terra hides quietly a lot of the time but she's a key member of our team.

    Now to the awards--I'm sure you're anxiously awaiting the results.
    All the winners get a trophy. In addition,

    The first place prize is $L2000 and a $L2500 gift certificate from Builder's Brewery

    Second place is $L1500 and $L1500 from Builder's Brewery and a trophy

    Third place is $L1000 and $L1000 from Builder's Brewery, and a trophy

    And of course, they all get bragging rights, and the first place winners will be displayed at the museum for a time.

    All contestants received a $L250 BB gift certificate, a pack of textures from Textures R Us, a Martin-style FLW scarf, a hardhat designed for this competition, and various other goodies.

    3 - Morgan India
    2 - P3t3 Feller
    1 - Kasimir Deimatov, assisted by Jadyn Firehawk

    I’d like to tell you a bit about Kasimir and Jadyn. Kasimir, a Belgian, was an interior design student before a diving accident about 10 years ago, and is now quadriplegic. They approached us and asked if he could design and Jadyn could act as his hands due to speed, and we agreed.

    I think you’d agree he has quite a pair of hands! Jadyn was our novice winner last time.

    Kasimir is involved in the Virtual Ability community here in Second Life, and in many ways SL has given him back his life. I am pleased that they competed--and so thrilled to be able to give him this award. Here is what he said about his house and site:

    I saw this house placed on a sloping hill with the higher elevation on the NE corner, surrounded by pine trees on this slope of the hill and fairly open to the front (the SW ). With a nearby outcrop of bluish-gray metamorphic rock.

    3 - Niamh Burnstein
    2 - levi Ewing
    1 - Apollo Reinard

    Apollo wrote of his site: The home site is nestled in the northwest in Washington State, in a secluded coastal area. It's along Puget Sound across from the cities where it's quieter, nestled in among the mixed forest trees of pine, cedar and oak.

    The site gently slopes toward the water but the house is situated quite a ways uphill from the actual shore. This gives a sweeping panorama from the main living areas at all times of day.

    The home was positioned to take advantage of sunlight and the magnificent views.

    The builders were asked to choose their favorite among themselves this time, and for that award we have a tie. The Builders' Choice prize is $L1000 and a Midway Garden Sprite made by Troy Vogel. You can see one of the sprites behind the dance floor here over by the pelicans.

    The winners are levi Ewing and Niamh Burnstein.

    Finally, the Peoples' Choice awards. These were voted on by our visitors, and here again we have a tie. The prizes are $L2000, a trophy, and a $L2500 gift certificate from Builder's Brewery for each winner.

    The people's choice for novice entry goes to DMom2K Darwin.
    The people tied on their choices for pro entries: Marcan Aridian and Kendra Ling.

    Last but not least, the staff conferred among ourselves to recognize the person who showed the most spirit in this competition. This person will receive $L1000 and one of Troy's sprites, and that is Poetry Sorbet.
    And the winners are...
    Tuesday, 09 Feb 2010 21:59:57 GMT

    Yes, you've heard a lot from me lately; I'll be quiet soon.
    The awards for the Usonian Ideas build-off are as follows:

    Pro category:
    1 - Apollo Reinard
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