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4077 MASH Tribute by TRB LEA2

4077 MASH Tribute by TRB LEA2
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    4077 M.A.S.H. Wow, what an experience! Ever so grateful and honored to receive a grant from the LEA, I decided to build a tribute to MASH, based on the television series. Although many years ago, I thought it very fitti...
    4077 M.A.S.H.

    Wow, what an experience! Ever so grateful and honored to receive a grant from the LEA, I decided to build a tribute to MASH, based on the television series. Although many years ago, I thought it very fitting for the current day. The men and women of the TV show and those who served in real life teach us necessary lessons, emotions and perspectives sometimes learned best from the harshest and most profound of personal experiences. And I think it brings us all together.

    MASH took a month to plan, a month to build and was open from 9/1/14 to 1/31/15 on LEA2. Families of real veterans visited the build, as did the younger generation who have only seen re-runs, all equally touched with memories they shared with me. Although I cherish all who walk inside my imagination, one stood out. He served in a real MASH unit in the Korean War and was honest with me about his feelings. They shook me, and reminded me of the seriousness behind all the fun. He's better today but changed for life and we appreciate what he's done more than he will ever know.

    Not sure there is any singularly-created artwork, even when a lone artist creates it. Art is influenced by all of our experiences and people in our lives. But together, what amazing worlds and emotions we can create TOGETHER! Art is US, in another form. This video was produced by so many people who collaborated their excitement into clever, funny and heart wrenching ideas. At the end of the day, however, after having so much fun with this project, I'm positive that each one of us sat down and thought about the people who really experienced that war. They are always in our hearts and will never be forgotten.

    Humans are amazing beings. We can go from a grieving sadness to a hearty laughter, to a good party and selfish cravings, to deep personal reflection, a shattering fear, and also reach out to change another's life. Or even save it.

    As with Hawkeye Pierce, our sanity may pay the price when emotions run to their extremes. However, if we emerge on the other end wiser, stronger and more compassionate for others, the pain had a purpose.

    I wish to thank, from the bottom of heart, everyone who participated in this project - the build, the gift of the sim, the video, the long hours in making the video (was actually months), and most of all, hearing the smile in your voices while doing it! What a happy and creative group of folks! I also wish to express very special thanks to my partner, Sonic Costello, for all his expertise, perfectionism and innovation with my ideas and helping implementing them, especially the prims I don't quite line up properly. Muah! And thank you to each of you who visited MASH or wrote very thoughtful blogs or magazine articles about it. And last, but in no way least, we are all so very, very grateful to JT for his magic with the video camera. The time and effort he put into filming this build was not only true blood, sweat and tears, and tons of brilliant shots with emotion-invoking tugs at the heart, thanks to him we have a special memento to help keep MASH alive! His camera is his pen.

    And I want to do this again! More, more, more! Enjoy the video!

    Tahiti Rae

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